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Swept Path ANalysis

Swept Path Analysis is an evaluation of the space needed for vehicles to make turns safely. It ensures designs can accommodate vehicle needs during operation and influences geometric design, such as kerbs, junctions, road markings, and parking facilities.

What is Swept Path Analysis?

Swept path analysis is the process of analyzing the movement path of a vehicle or other moving object as it navigates through a particular environment. To conduct this analysis, specialized software tools such as AutoTURN, Pathplanner, SimWalk, or Swept Path Analysis are commonly used.

These software tools take into account various factors such as the dimensions and turning radius of the vehicle or object, the space’s layout, and the movement characteristics of the object. By simulating the movement of the vehicle or object in the software, the analysis can identify potential obstacles or constraints that could pose a risk to the safe and efficient movement of the object.

SPAs may be required prior to construction commencement.

Our swept path analysis experts will need CAD layouts to work on. Most of the projects have this CAD layouts already.


A residential site next to CARAVAN PARK IN Maldon, Essex

Our expert SPA specialists provided different analysis for a new build residential project. The project was adjacent a caravan park, therefore the Council requested for a swept path analysis to make sure caravan park visitors will have enough turning space from the road onto the caravan site.


when do you need Swept Path ANalysis?

Swept path analysis is widely used in several fields, including architecture, engineering, urban planning, and transportation planning. It is especially important, where councils may require a swept path analysis as part of the planning approval process for new developments or changes to existing infrastructure.


SPAs can be prepared by engineers or architects who are expert on this subject.

Which Projects may Need Swept Path Analysis?

The projects which need vehicle access will usually require a swept path analysis.

How to decide the vehicle size for swept path analysis?

Every project needs evaluation for vehicle types. This evaluation is based on the expected vehicles. For example if you are preparing an SPA for a caravan park then you need to consider caravans, or if you are working on a residential project then you may want to consider refuse trucks and cars.

Which Projects may Need Swept Path Analysis?

Swept Path Analysis can help ensure safe and efficient movement of vehicles in these areas by analyzing the space required for turning maneuvers.

As per Accessibility:

  • Emergency Services Accessibility,
  • Garden to Driveway
  • Delivery Drop Offs,
  • On-street parking spaces,
  • Refuse Collection,

As per Project Types:

  • Junctions,
  • Super-Markets,
  • Fuel Filling Stations,
  • Residential Housing,
  • Office and Industrial Developments,
  • Car Dealerships,
  • Drive Through for fast food,
  • Weigh Bridges,
  • Warehouses,
Sample SPA Screenshot
New Construction Projects may need a SPA prior to construction start


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