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Delay Claims & EOT Consultancy

We are Delay Claims & EOT consultants. We provide fast and affordable construction delay claim and EOT consultancy services for your construction projects.

construction delay claims & EoT Consultancy

We are experienced delay claims and EOT consultants with proven experience across a range of industry sectors. Liongate are committed to providing fast and accurate Construction Delay Claim and EoT services in UK and worldwide.

We helped many companies to compensate their delay costs by providing them our delay consultancy services.

If you have a delay in your construction project and you are keen to get a time extension to postpone the PC date, please reach us immediately. We are here to support you.

London Underground Project, London

We help Mechanical, electrical and piping subcontractors, & tier1 contractors. USE OUR Construction delay Consultancy SERVICEs FOR YOUR PROJECTS.

fast quotations

We provide you fast quotations. Just let us know about your project, and we will give the quotation.

free of charge consultation

Most of the customers need a pre-consultation to discuss their needs. We provide this for free.

skilled consultants

We have skilled surveyors, to provide best construction delay services in London & Cambridgeshire.


Liongate provides a comprehensive EOT Consultancy for your construction projects worldwide.

What is a Delay Claim and EOT?

We wrote an article to explain extension of time in construction projects. Please read our article for further information regarding EOTs.

How it Works?

We first arrange a meeting with the client, analyse their project and understand their needs. Then we provide a quotation for our services.

After client’s acceptance, we start preparation of EOT analysis and claims, send it for client review. Following the Client review, we submit the report to the Employer and continue our support until acceptance.

Construction Claims
Construction Claims

Employers may resist for claim acceptance but do not worry we worked with many tough Employers and we eventually get acceptance.

If you want to have more information, see RICS’ advisory for further information regarding EOTs. See it here.

Did you know that many construction projects do not meet the planned PC date?


You can contact us for a quick quotation.