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Construction Estimation

We provide fast and affordable construction estimation services for your construction projects.

construction Estimation

With proven experience across a range of industry sectors. Liongate are committed to providing fast and accurate Quantity Surveying services in London and Cambridgeshire area.

By controlling costs through the duration of a project our professional services enable informed decision making and the improved management and mitigation of risk.

Cost Controlling

We are experts on cost controls. Our consultancy will support you to cover your company and project contractually against the delay loss. We have many articles for that.

See our article for Why You Lose Money on Construction Projects.

London Underground Project, London

CONSTRUCTION Quantity Take-off

Liongate provides a comprehensive construction estimation and quantity take-off services for your construction projects.

What is Quantity Take-off?

Quantity take-offs are precise estimates of the quantity of supplies and labour required to finish a building project. In the pre-construction stage, an estimator creates them. The project is divided into more manageable, smaller parts that are also simpler to measure and estimate as part of this procedure.

See wikipedia explanation here.

How we work?

We first arrange a meeting with the client, analyse their project and understand their needs. Then we provide a quotation for our services.

After client’s acceptance, we start preparation of estimation & Quantity Take-offs and send it for client review. Following the Client review, we make the final review and revisions and submit the final report to the client.

Losing money on construction
Losing money on construction
We provide services for various types of projects

Which Contracts we manage?

We are experienced construction consultants, especially worked with numerous JCT and NEC3, NEC4 contracts.

Which duties we cover?

  • Estimating the cost of a proposed project
  • Comparing costs and obtaining estimates from vendors and service providers
  • Keeping an eye on exchange rates and inflation
  • Examining the client’s needs & preparing work proposals
  • Monitoring projects to ensure that costs remain consistent with projections
  • Creating comprehensive pricing lists for all materials required for a construction project

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We help Mechanical, electrical and piping subcontractors, & tier1 contractors. USE OUR Construction Estimation SERVICE FOR YOUR PROJECTS.

Underground Projects

Liongate provided planning consultancy for the Northern Line Extension Project.

TFL Railway Projects

We provided tender planning consultancy for the Oxford Railway Station.

Data Centers

Liongate provided tender programmes for various data centers.

NHS Hospitals

We proudly supported the NHS cancer hospital project by providing programme.

High-end Residential

We provided tender consultancy (QS & Planning) for landmark projects.

Construction Planner Consultancy
We provide construction QS consultancy for successful projects.


You can contact us for a quick quotation.

PROFESSIONAL, FAST and AFFORDABLE Construction Estimation Service