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Data Center Construction Cost Explained

Data Center Server Rack

The data center construction cost depends on the size (MW) and many other variables such as location, cooling systems, generator systems and more. But briefly, our expertise shows that a standard data center building costs £7 million to £8 million per MW for a main contractor.

Liongate Data Center Building Cost Tool

As Liongate, we used our expertise and created a simple tool to calculate the data center construction cost for main contractors and MEP contractors.

You can see our tool below and simply calculate an approximate cost for your data center building project.

Variable 1: Size of Data Center

Size is the first and most important variable which determines the cost of a data building construction project. We prefer to use MW method to categorize the size of data centers. Our tool simply shows costs for different sizes of data center construction projects.

Variable 2: Location

Location is also key for the data centre construction costs. As our projects are mostly located in UK and EU, our above-mentioned cost is based on these locations. However, the construction costs may differ for different locations. Due to different factors, such as labour costs, mechanical / electrical equipment costs etc.

Variable 3: Type, Design and Systems of Data Center

The efficient design can reduce your construction project costs. You can choose different generators, different cooling systems etc which may impact the total construction cost. Also using efficient piping routes can decrease the total costs.

We can help you to reduce your construction costs by supporting your project during pre-construction/design phase.


Briefly, a 10MW data center can be constructed & commissioned for an approximate cost of £75 million. However, there are many different variables which may change the total costs. If you would like to contact us for discussing your data center construction project costs, please reach us here.

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