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Data Center Construction Manhours Explained

The data center construction projects require robust planning for the manpower distribution. In this article we explained data center construction manhours histograms.

Data Center Construction Manhours

There are not too many sources which explain manhours for data center projects. We tried to give an outline for this subject.

Liongate Data Center Manhours Tool

As Liongate, we used our expertise and created a simple tool to calculate the data center construction manhours for main contractors and MEP contractors.

You can see our tool below and simply calculate an approximate required manhours for your data center building project.

Budgeted Manhours

Budgeted manhours is a term used to describe how much resources you would need to complete your project. In the above tool, you can simply calculate the approx required budgeted manhours for your data center project.

Spent Manhours

This term is used for the spent manhours, which means how much resources you spent to complete an activity. For example; if you used 2 men team for a containment installation, for 10 working days, this would make 8 hours x 10 days x 2 men = 160 manhours for that work.


The efficiency term indicates how you are achieving against your budget. If your budgeted manhours is 180 for a containment installation and you completed the installation with 160 manhours, this means you completed the works under budget and you are doing good.

For Earned Value analysis, we work together with our clients and create budgeted manhours and track spent manhours and analyse project efficiency for different areas, subcontractors and disciplines. This helps our clients to manage their projects in the budgeted limits.


Briefly, you can use our tool to see approximate manhours required for your data center projects. If you would like to contact us for discussing your data center construction project manhours, please reach us here.

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