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Travel Plan & Transport Assessment Consultancy

We provide expert travel plan and transport assessment reports consultancy services for development projects. Our team of professionals offers detailed analysis and recommendations to help minimize negative impacts on the transportation network.

Travel Plans and Transport Assessments Reports

At Liongate, we specialize in providing expert transport assessment consultancy services for a wide range of development projects. Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of ensuring that new developments are planned and designed with transportation infrastructure in mind, and we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex planning process.

Our transport assessment services include detailed analyses of current and future transportation patterns, as well as recommendations for improvements and mitigations to help minimize any potential negative impacts on the local transportation network. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their projects are designed to be safe, sustainable, and accessible for all members of the community.

With our comprehensive approach and deep expertise in transportation planning and assessment, we are confident that we can help you achieve your development goals while also meeting the needs of the wider community. Contact us today to learn more about our transport assessment consultancy services and how we can help with your next project.

A Sample Travel Plan Cover from One of Our Projects

We prepare travel plan & transport assessments and submit to council to discharge the condition. USE OUR expert SERVICEs FOR YOUR PROJECTS.

What is a Transport Assessment?

Transport assessment is a study that evaluates how a proposed development may affect the transportation network and identifies measures to reduce any negative impacts. It involves analyzing current transportation patterns in the area, as well as potential changes like increased traffic, altered parking demands, and modifications to pedestrian and cycling routes.

What is a travel Plan?

A travel plan is a document that encourages sustainable transportation and reduces reliance on single-occupancy vehicles for a specific location or development. It aims to improve access to transportation options and promote modes such as walking, cycling, and public transit. Travel plans may include measures such as secure bicycle parking, carpooling promotion, and improved pedestrian infrastructure. They offer benefits like reduced congestion, air pollution, and healthier communities, and are often required by local governments as a condition of planning approval.

What is the lead time for the assessments & reports?

It depends on the project size, but usually it takes 2 to 3 weeks to prepare our reports.

What is the difference between Travel Plan and Transport Assessment?

A transport assessment is an evaluation of the impact of a proposed development on the transportation network, and identifies measures to mitigate potential negative effects. It typically focuses on analyzing the transportation needs of a development and assessing the impact on the surrounding transportation infrastructure.

On the other hand, a travel plan is a strategy that gives how people will travel to, from, and within a development, with the goal of reducing the reliance on single-occupancy vehicles and encouraging sustainable transportation modes like public transit, walking, and cycling.

A travel plan can be developed in conjunction with a transport assessment to ensure that the proposed development is designed to encourage sustainable transportation and minimize negative impacts on the transportation network.

Case Study

20 Star Lane, Newham, London

Liongate provided Residential Travel Plan (RTP) for a HMO project in London. The client, Bhuler Architects, was another client who successfuly discharged the related council condition.

Atherton Library, Manchester

A conversion project, located in Greater Manchester area. We provided travel plans for the proposed warehouse.

Leyton Rd, London

A Travel Plan was provided by us for residential project in Leyton, London.

Commercial Project, Three Rivers

Our expert consultants prepared and submitted the Transport Assessment for a commercial project.

Councils we worked with



New Construction Projects need a TP or TA prior to construction start

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when is a transport assessment required?

The specific requirements for when a transport assessment is required can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the project. However, in general, a transport assessment is typically required for developments such as large residential or commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or new transportation infrastructure projects like roads or railways.

What is a Car-free development?

Car-free development refers to an urban or suburban area that is designed to be entirely car-free or with minimal car use, and instead provides infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and alternative transportation options such as public transit, car-sharing and bike-sharing services. The aim of car-free development is to reduce negative impacts on the environment, improve livability and promote sustainable modes of transportation.

why Disabled Access is important for travel plans?

Disabled access is important for travel plans because it ensures that people with disabilities can travel safely and independently, and by including considerations for disabled access, transportation options become more inclusive, enabling people with disabilities to participate more fully in their communities.

why car clubs are important for travel plans?

Car clubs are important for travel plans as they offer a sustainable and flexible transportation option that can help to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, while also promoting greater social equity by making transportation more accessible to a wider range of people.

who does the transport assessments?

Transport assessments are typically carried out by transportation consultants, who are professionals with expertise in transportation planning, engineering, and design. These consultants work with developers, local governments, and other stakeholders to evaluate the impact of a proposed development on the transportation network and to identify measures to mitigate potential negative effects. In some cases, transportation assessments may also be conducted by local government agencies or departments with specialized transportation planning staff.

What is PTAL?

PTAL stands for Public Transport Accessibility Level, which is a method used to evaluate the accessibility of public transportation in a given area based on factors like distance to the nearest stop and frequency of service.