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Construction Delay Claim Template

Losing money on construction

Are You Entitled for A Delay Claim?

In principle, you maybe entitled for a delay claim if there is a delay in your project which affects your works and not caused by you.

We explained this in our article previously. Please read this here Extension of Time (EOT) in Construction Projects

In this article, we will explain the contents of the delay claims & delay claim letters, also we will share a delay claim letter template for indicative purposes.

Construction Delays are common

content of a Construction Delay Claim Letter (Eot)

The process for delay management depends on the construction contract type. For example, you have different processes for NEC contracts and JCT contracts. But in this article we will give you an outline to cover both contract types and others.

Lets start with understanding delay notifications and delay claim letters.

Delay Notifications

The delay notifications are the informing letters or documentations which you send to your client to inform them about delay. In this stage, you may not be able to assess the delay impact. Does not matter. You need to inform your client about the delay with as much as information you have. (Again this depending on your contract type, but in principle, this is a correct approach for all contract types) In most contracts, especially NECs, you may lose your delay claim rights if you do not inform your client in time.

In this letter you need to mention:

  • What is delay?
  • When it happened?
  • Who is responsible?
  • Why it happened?
  • What is impacted works?
  • Is it impacting project end date?
  • Is there an option to mitigate the delay? (Eg accelerating the works etc)

Delay Claims / quotations

This letters usually follow the delay notifications. Once you have more information about the delay, and you assessed the delay impacts, now its the time to inform your client about the delay impact and claim for a compensation.

In this letters, you mention about the below items;

  • Brief information about the related delay communication and correspondence, eg previously sent delay notice
  • What is the impacted works?
  • What is the exact delay?
  • What is the cost of the delay: In this section you need to explain all costs related the delay. For all additional works, and prelims etc.
  • Impact programme: This is a programme shows the delay impact and demonstrates all programme impacts.
  • What you did to mitigate or prevent this delay? (it always worth to mention)
Construction Claim Rejected
Construction Claim Rejected

delay claim letter template

Mentioned above, the delay claims are different for one contract to another. But here we created a brief construction delay claim template which can be a starting point for your needs.

Please download it here:

Construction Claim Delay Notice Template PDF Download

We can Help You with Your Claim

We are experts on construction delay claims with numerous successful claims, if you want us to support you during your delay claim process please reach us. See our construction delay management services here. Delay Claims & EOT Consultancy

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